• Dylan Kennelly

Covid-19 March? The market barely noticed.

Unexpectedly, we’ve got NINE new listings in the last week for Boulder City (and 2 that are coming soon)!

Showing activity is down about 80-85%.

But when I looked at this week's list, there were also four properties sold conditional, three more that sold firm, and five that closed.

It seems that there are LESS showings, but the sales are keeping pace for now...

We're in a market where the people that NEED to buy and the people that NEED to sell are making lovely matches. 

And to further that point, we have quite a few sellers who are open to offers but want to stay off-market for the time being. So if you have something specific that you’re not seeing, there is a chance we may have something off-market.

The real interesting part is that there were EIGHT listings that expired. Many of these were withdrawn a week or two ago but it seems the sellers got cold feet and canceled their listing contracts. I’ve never seen more than 1 or 2 expires in a week for Boulder City.

Market Stats

Here is a quick snapshot of the market stats from March 2020 compared to March 2019. Henderson has a much bigger difference than Boulder City. I was expecting more of a drop, but maybe that will show in the stats for next month.

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